Clarence S. Williams is owner of CSW Home Improvement. He is licensed in the state of Maryland as a contractor / handyman (#109666) with more than 20 years of construction, renovation and design experience.

Clarence’s success is built on longtime relationships with customers and referrals from people who trust, respect and praise his work. When people hire Clarence, they stick with him for all of their current and future home improvement projects.

CSW Home Improvement is fully insured and the workmanship is fully guaranteed.

At CSW Home Improvement, we pride ourselves on accurately assessing clients’ needs and then spend time informing clients of the entire process so their project is understood before the first nail is hammered.

Clarence provides accurate cost estimates and maintains communications throughout all projects. His staff is on time for every appointment, creative approaches to design challenges are offered, plans are put in place to sidestep any potential issues and projects are completed on schedule. Clarence asks questions and listens carefully to your answers. Let’s get the conversation started:

  • What are your goals and what’s your vision of the completed project?

  • Is this project for resale of your home or for your long-term use?

  • What is your timeframe?

  • What is your budget – your real budget?

  • What are your priorities if multiple projects are desired?

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